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Aditya GeoInformative Solutions


AGS’s strong GIS experience and skills enables to provide answers in various areas that are critical for development related decision-making. The use of GIS leads to dramatic improvements in efficiency as it facilitates faster decision-making based on accurate and timely information. More importantly, the quality of decision-making improves as decisions are driven by integrated and visual information. Our GIS solutions have been delivered to our clients in various areas.

Airport Mapping Database (AMDB)


Airport Mapping Database (AMDB): Collection of aerodrome information that is organized and arranged for ease of electronic storage and retrieval in systems that support aerodrome surface movements, charting, and planning. The key activities involved are map data compilation through stereo imagery, adding the detailed attributing to the data as per international aviation standards.


Geo-data for Telecoms

Mobile Telecom companies use radio propagation models to find the best sites for structure transmission stations. The models show engineers the sorts of terrain and obstacles that a radio signal will have to contend with. Since companies need to place their transmitters where there is as clear a signal path as possible, their engineers need to identify sites that are higher than the surrounding areas and away from buildings or vegetation that might interfere with the signals. Predicting radio propagation accurately depends largely on the environment surrounding the mobile phone and the transmitter. Environmental effects are neutralized by including clutter and height layers in the model. Examples of clutter classes include urban, suburban, water, and vegetation.


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